Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What the Riche learn at the Health Club

I'm keeping up with my daily cable television goals by going to the health club. I started going in the morning because that's when the music videos play, and I'm still kind of a dope with my new iPod. I've got two albums in there: the first Killers, and Weird Al. Guess which one I want to replace with ten hours of J-Pop. Sorry Al.

So my video news for the day is that Pink has a new Word of Wisdom commercial out called Sober. The video includes a European landmark, which I recognized from my Grand Tour this summer. I am so trés cosmopolitan! Though I've never barfed in a toilet like Pink does.

I am now resolved, not only to wear the magic girly brown t-shirt for workouts, but also the push-up bra I accidently wore this morning. Because thinking it is possible that I look good in one of those unavoidable mirrors is much more motivating than free cable music videos.

And hey, at least I'm not wearing make-up.


Heidi Ashworth said...

You don't throw up in toilets? Where, pray tell, do you make your deposit? I agree, looking good in those mirrors has gotta be the motivation (not that I go to the gym. I would be hurting from being out of shape by the time I changed into my push up bra).

Desert Princess said...

hehe..well..I must confess, I do wear makeup to the gym..and there aren't even any guys there, it's a ladies only one! hehe