Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad form to be jealous?

I am totally digging the fact that excellent writer/bloggers whom I stalk are commenting on my blog, to console with me on my good fortune, and even leaving comments! I don't want to drop names and further rub in the perks I'm enjoying with my new wealth, but let's just say someone looked up from her navel long enough to look at me.
"This is entertaining, but I don't know if I can read your blog because I'm SO. JEALOUS. Seriously. Is that bad form to say?"
How could it be bad form to say "SO. JEALOUS."? We both know *I* started the bad form by talking about the money AT ALL.

Let's face it: we all know the correct Mormon way to be rich is to be indistinguishable from anyone else in the ward in a quietly conservative way, and more polite, and then to finance secretly other people's missions. Put on your financial burka, sister!

But I won't. Or rather, I won't be properly reserved while anonymous on the internet.

Besides, I'm probably going to drive you all crazy by not doing the things with the money that you would do.

But the real skinny is, and I only tell you this because you might be called to visit teach some poor little rich sister, I do hate it that you're jealous. Totally uncomfortable. Because I am so uncomfortable with myself.

So far I am not fulfilling any of the good-behavior fantasy guidelines I had worked up for rich people. And I am growing mightily uneasy, despite Capt. Awesome's steady assurances, that I am not measuring up for what is expected of a rich man's wife.

Bad form?!! Bad form would be to stop visiting my blog. Come often. Advise me what to do. Ask questions. Though believe me, money has not made me smart.


b. said...

I don't care if it hasn't made you smart, you probably really are anyway...but, has it taken away from your being nice when you should be?

Because that's a deal breaker for me!

Visiting for the first time.

compulsive writer said...

OK I'll break my silence and comment here even though I'm not one of the excellent writer blogs you mentioned above. I didn't not comment before because I was jealous; I didn't comment because as unfair as it might be I have the impression that rich people (I even hate writing that--I feel like I'm judging you. I'm not--you chose your name) must all be smarter than me. So I truly had no idea what to say.

How about "Congratulations!"

Actually, I already said that to you. I guessed who you were the first time I visited. And I already knew you were smarter than me before you got rich.

But thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep us posted on the house situation. I hope you find the house of your dreams.