Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Education Specialist Today.

Today I'm taking my son to an education specialist. He's struggled in school. Looked like dyslexia sometimes to me. Teacher thought it was ADD. That was miserable--she has me convinced now that everyone in the family has ADD.

My son seems so bright to us. But it doesn't show up in his work. He could pass third grade if it were an oral defense. He hates, however, to write anything down.

I couldn't afford an intervention before. Yeah, I know that supposedly you can get one in any economic bracket. I'm not good at arranging things like that. In this case, I'm grateful to be rescued by the money.

Edited to add: The office called and the doctor had an emergency to attend to. So, hope and anticipation for another day.


b. said...

This sounds like one of my (now a teenager) boys. Smartest kid, highly driven, self-motivated...but could not read or write. We started in first grade, using only what the school system provided (IEP), he's doing fine....still not great academically, although--he IS getting straight A's so far this term. You are a wise mom to follow up on or not.

Nouveau Riche said...

We had an IEP, the school and me did some things that helped a little.

but only a little.

My kid's not highly driven or self-motivated. Certainly not compared to his father, who can have a hard time understanding our son.

I can't imagine what it would be like for any of the kids to get straight As.

b. said...

(I should have put this in before...)
it's only mid term....but still...I count it as a victory.