Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ikea lets me down

Today, while my children were at school, I decided to drive out to Ikea. We have broken too many of our plates, and now I can't set a matching table unless I get out my grandmother's dishes. Which I do every Sunday, but I don't want to break them with ordinary use.

I love my Ikea plates. White with a blue-gray rim. $3.00 a plate. And Pokal 12-ounce glasses, less than a dollar each.

Ikea discontinued my plates.

They're making the plates in new colors, a lovely robin's egg blue that clashes with what I have. And the new plates are bigger instead—13" across.  We'll all get fat filling plates that large.  And they cost more than twice as much.

And Ikea hasn't, according to the helpful clerk, had my Pokal in stock for months.  So we're still drinking out of mason jars.

I'm going to have to start all over again, with new everyday dishes.

Edited to add: Dishes acquired! 12 Fitz & Floyd white porcelain dinner plates, under $50. We can use them with the bowls, etc. I already have. I was proud of myself for not letting the teens bully me again out of all-white plates.


Amira said...

Are your dishes supposed to match?

You went an unusually long time without starting a new blog. Or maybe I just missed a few.

Amira said...

And I have to say I'm really enjoying reading about this new turn in your life. It's not really something I can imagine.

Nouveau Riche said...

Hi Amira!

Yes, I guess I enjoy it A LOT when dishes match. Twelve matching plates at Ikea a couple years ago was the best $36 I ever spent. Now I'm down to six. :(