Friday, September 26, 2008

I venture into the electronics store.

Last time I looked at big screen TVs, which was a theoretical exercise, they had to have a 18" cube media box attached by wire nearby, to interpret the signal. Capt. Awesome said it wasn't like that anymore, but I didn't believe him. So today I went and looked at TVs that hang on the wall.

They don't have a media box. Yeah, you all already knew that. The clerk who helped me thought I was a little crazy to think so, but he was probably in high school last time I looked at TVs.

They all hang on the wall, they all can be angled to be seen from a couch, they all did whatever I asked about. The clerk was very kind, though you could tell he thought I was just off the boat.

Which I am.

Azucar has good things to say about DVR, so I'm thinking about that too.

I didn't buy a TV today. I'll want one in the new house, so I needed to know what parameters these TVs have. I thanked the clerk and enthused to his manager about how helpful he'd been. Rich people who don't buy things have responsibilities.


In other technology news, my teenagers were sharing an iPod tonight, though in our family now everyone owns their own iPod. Anyhow, they were sharing, each with one of the earbuds, singing along to each other. Drove the rest of us in the car a little crazy, since we couldn't hold a conversation, but the rest of us were younger sibs who still worship the teens, and me who thinks singing teenagers are sweet.

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