Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Captain Awesome bought US ALL airplane tickets, and we're flying to have Thanksgiving with my parents.

I am sooooo excited. Planning the packing instead of the menu. And, I'm actually okay with giving up my Thanksgiving hostess superpowers for one year.

Of course, one of the kids who has never been on a plane doesn't want to go. My initial bribe is a new book.

How about you? Do you arrange the china and roast the turkey?


Heidi Ashworth said...

I am lucky to be one of the younger siblings and always enjoy Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years dinner at the home of someone who can cook. It helps to live close.

just another groupie said...

That is great news! Good move Captain Awesome.

This year after the usual amount of dysfunction (my mom inviting us then disinviting us, my MIL inviting us even though we've been there the past two years and being disappointed when we told her my family needed a turn [or did they?], and finally my grandmother inviting us then deciding only I was invited because the rest of the family was too much bother), it's been decided.

We will dine w/ my grandmother and mother at my grandmother's retirement center. The Jamestown.

Of course I am insane an I always do the entire dinner over again no matter where we go (yes, even down to the cranberries), so we can have a week's worth of leftovers. We usually do it the Sunday after, but this year we have to wait a week because some friends we invited once invited themselves this year, but they won't be back in town until the next week.

(Sorry. That was long. But we are crazy and you did ask.)

Reluctant Nomad said...

Not this year!!!!! I canceled Thanksgiving, I think we're going out to eat. Power! Power!

Justine said...

We're hosting this year. That's what comes from being the alpha female in my family. It should be fun -- if everyone helps with dishes. So happy you get to see your family!