Friday, November 7, 2008

Mom, don't ever change. Your clothes.

I'm in the kitchen, prepping dinner.  I had spent the morning trying to declutter my room, and as a reward in that process, I found a jumper I bought last year, as summer dress from the Gap outlet.  Although the weather's changed, I put it on.  In the words of my favorite expensive designer, see what happens when you dress up a little?

Teenager comes in, "is that a new dress?"

Me, "no, I bought this for last summer.  I just found it in my closet.  I've been looking for it."

Teenager: "because you're buying an awfully lot of clothes lately."

Me, "an awfully lot?"

Teenager, "yes.  too much."

Me, confused.  "I have been buying some clothes, but so have you."

Teenager, "but I'm using my allowance.  And I needed clothes."

Me, "and I don't need clothes?  don't you think I have something like an allowance?" 

Teenager, being disgusted.

Me, being bewildered.  

Teenager, "are you sure that's not a new dress?"

Me, "yes, but would it matter if it were?"

She also complains if she catches me wearing make-up.


Heidi Ashworth said...

I've noticed that family members get very disgruntled when other family members try to get out of the "box" they have been assigned. Actually, we are all in lots of little boxes, some of them even self imposed. When mom starts getting out of her box, this could be threatening to others who feel comfortable in theirs. I'm a box climber--can you tell?

compulsive writer said...


Kids are sooooo dang hard on their parents!

I love it when I finally get a minute on the computer after my kid has been playing games for an hour and he says to me, "Mom, you are ALWAYS on the computer!"

Reluctant Nomad said...

Here's a tip for wearing dresses in Winter. It's a little bohemian, and I love it. Put the dress over jeans or pants. Wear high heels or boots. Put on a scarf. presto!