Monday, November 24, 2008


Lest you think I'm not spending money--

I always had plenty of shoes. When one of a certain category broke down, I'd work around the hole until I could replace it.

--running shoes for exercise
--sandals for summer and to not wear running shoes all the time
--hiking boots for hiking and for not wearing running shoes all the time in the rain.
--black shoes for church.
--pink shoes for church.
--a couple pair of too-high satin strappy sandals you can't really wear anywhere.

But now I have an absurd number of shoes.

All of the above, plus:

brown sued ankle boots
capri-style sandals, but with wedge heel, 2 pair because I liked them so well
black ugly funk shoes for walking, which actually hurt my heels. Need to take 'em to the cobbler or give up.
Classic knee-high black boots (!!!!) Just bought them this month. Dang I love them. I wanted this category for 15 YEARS.

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