Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thank Heaven for Sundays

On Sunday, there's no shopping.

In my case, there's not even thinking about shopping.

There's no attempt to sort the bills. Or clean the tubs that should have been cleaned before. I do sometimes iron.

On Sunday, we still eat breakfast late, and snipe at each other about who's turn it is for the shower.

At church, I'm not really listening to all the talks. I'm managing my offsprings' reverence with tools in a bag. I'm careful not to wake Awesome, who fell asleep, nodding. I'm trying to remember someone's name. I'm noticing that C. is here. I'm wondering what it is like to be old, I'm admiring babies, and I'm wiping my eyes carefully so my makeup won't smear.

We don't eat out--for Sunday, I'm actually prepared. I put some chicken and onions in the crockpot in the morning, and some rice in the rice pot. When we got home from church, I saw that I hadn't turned the rice pot on.

And that's okay, we just ate 40 minutes later. There's no where we have to be.

If I hadn't done the crockpot thing, we would have made pancakes.

On Sunday, the home teacher arrives, and of all the things we talk about, some quite tenuously related to the scripture he brought, none of them are money or how I'm dressed.

Late on Sunday night, some of the kids will realize they have more homework, but they manage not to need me to go buy a paperclip or purple marker.

On Sunday, the hymns we sing are the same.


Heidi Ashworth said...

I had to leave church early today to take the Big Guy home (some days he's just not up to it) and I wasn't there to joggle The Spouse awake. I guess he has a pretty obvious fall into slumber. We snipe at each other about whose turn it is to take a shower, too! I'm glad it's not just me. Sometimes I wonder what the heck is wrong with them. It's not like it is some big surprise, or anything. Sheez! (sorry, that one really gets to me!)

Nouveau Me said...

I agree: Sheez!

No one will eat the Sunday leftovers now. I'm plotting how to disguise them as onion soup and chicken salad sandwiches.