Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was in an Apple store and already owned everything I'd probably want to buy.

Mind you, I'm sure I could have pushed admiration into desire if I'd wanted.

The shopping district was decked out for Christmas. Beautiful. I walked around a little and then went home.


Heidi Ashworth said...

Sadly, wanting more is so easy to learn. Already decked out for Christmas! Wow--I guess with all of the work they do, they want it up for awhile (at least, that's how I feel--still, I wait until after Thanksgiving which seems to be getting more and more lost between Halloween and Christmas every year).

Justine said...

My husband built his wish-list MacBook Pro, and it came to $28,000. It remains on his wish-list to date.

just another groupie said...

My husband just got a new ibook (it's not even decked out) for his work and I am going to hell for how much I covet it.

Quite sure of that.

Your self control is remarkable.

b. said...

That HAD to be kinda nice, no?

Nouveau Me said...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The district had put up strings of little white lights, I suppose they are holiday nonspecific. I should think of them as Thanksgiving lights!

Justine, I just keep thinking that wish-list MacBook Pro had to be $2,800. I hope so, because that would mean I'm not the only one who can't keep track of her zeros.

I think my self control will break when I buy a house. Too many possible wish-list features on a house. I have my eye on a old house I really like that may go on the market. It just needs a new roof. for starters.

b.: definitely kinda nice. though not really virtuous, since I bought a couple computers and several iPods since I came into money.