Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rich, and You're Rich Alone.

Yesterday when I went to pick up the dry cleaning, I saw that the coffee place on the corner had closed. I'd never eaten there, but my daughter had.

I went Christmas shopping at one of my favorite mid-range department stores this week. To my surprise, everything in the store was 40% off. The store is in bankruptcy.

My parents' 401K took a big hit. If there was more time, they'd probably be okay. But it really is time for them to retire. I wonder how much of my husband's money would make a difference for them. But I haven't talked to anyone about it.

I've got family in Michigan: bail-out or bankruptcy, I get how the auto industry affects everything there.

As grateful as I am to have no financial worries over my own little family, I worry in general and wonder what if anything I can do.

When Captain Awesome made his project pay off big earlier this year, that was a big surprise to me, even a shock. But I never foresaw life would go on to this.


b. said...

I was wondering about that. How it would be if you suddenly came into money in really tough times when people are losing so much.

It's really all about perspective, though. I don't always remember that, but am so thankful for my struggles so that I can remember what really matters.

AzĂșcar said...

I can kind of sympathize (not that we're nouveau riche) but in the midst of all of this uncertainty, we're actually doing better than we have in years. It feels a little strange.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Having money is such a huge responsibility. Maybe that's why I never have had more than just enough (it scares me too much)--it seems like so much has to be done to protect it and spend it wisely. And then there is the helping people--I am sure I would help too much. It is so hard to know when it is good to share and when not (though prayer really helps!). I had a friend whose parents died and left her everything when she was a young newlywed. She gave so much away, they eventually got to the point where they had nothing. They are now getting help from their bishop. It's a really hard line to toe. I, too, am worried about all of the long time stores shutting down or closing branches. It seems so ominous . . .

just another groupie said...

Provocative post. But it's kind of like the taxpayer funded bailouts--you staunch the bleeding for one company (or in this case entire industry), but right behind them is someone else. I can imagine it could be a little like that with family as well.

It's weird in my family. I'm oldest. All my siblings run circles around us when it comes to making money, but we're the ones with the job security. Well, husband is anyway. At my job the clients are dropping like flies.