Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real boots.

I bought boots. Which I will now post about, at length. Because the Riche are self-indulgent.

I didn't want flat-heel equestrian style, because I don't ride a horse. I always wanted girl boots with a heel. And I do mean ALWAYS wanted. Because since the 1980s IS always.

I used to handle my long-time wish for boots by sour-graping the boots in the stores. You know, when I took my children to buy the good shoes, I would also go look at the boots, and tsk-tsk how none of them were done quite right. A boot with an unfortunate embellishment here. A suede book that is so lovely but really not practical. And of course, none of the boots are made for walking--what is up with the 4 and 5 inch heel? I like to walk. So, why admit I could not afford boots? I could criticize them for free.

Yes, I noticed the boots you wear to church. Every.thing.about.them. And I wished they were mine.

So, while I was out visiting Bob and Bob and Bob on Monday (who knew that accountants, insurance agents, real estate agents, and doctors would be my new social life?), I went into the conveniently-located department store and asked the young woman at the shoe counter if Macy's had any kitten-heeled knee-high boots.

And she had no idea what I was talking about.

I can only hope she usually works jewelry. Or socks. Because otherwise, she should be reading Manolo's Shoe Blog until she gets up to speed. Because I love shoes, I could visit the shoe department anytime there is something new to see.

Fortunately, I was soon rescued by Ham, who not only knew what a kitten-heel is, but opined that whenever one finds a good shoe with a kitten heel, one ought to buy it immediately. I liked Ham immediately, obviously. After we lamented the world shortage of kitten-heels, I spotted over his shoulder a boot with a relatively sane 2 1/2 inch heel. I'm sure he never would have offered me this inferior substitute, but I was game.

I rolled up my jeans so I could see them on. And Ham told me to tuck just the hem of my jeans into to top of the boot. "You need to wear it tacky," he said.

"Sloppy, you mean? Casual?" Ham was born in another country, and he speaks more languages than I do, including the language of fashion.

"Tacky," he said.

"Tacky is good?" I say.

"Here," he said, and deftly tucked the hem of the jeans half into the inner top of the boot, so the jeans hung lopsided and sort of ruched over my knees, mostly above the boot. "or you could roll them."

"I'm going to wear them with a skirt," I said. I was feeling like a foreigner in the land of half-tucked boots. "Most of the time," I added, to show I was appreciating his advice.

So now I have boots! I wore them to church--with comfy unmatched athletic socks. Because, no one can see your socks when you wear boots!

I think I need another pair, in an unexpected color. These are the classic black knee-high ones I dreamed of. I need another pair, because now that *I* have boots, they will be completely out of style by 2010. So, expect to see me in boots A LOT through 2012.


just another groupie said...

What? You posted about boots and you didn't post a picture? (Admittedly I am unfashionable in nearly every way--I'm going to have to Google kitten-heel--but I have a soft spot in my heart for a nice pair of boots.)

Congratulations, by the way. I just had this feeling you needed a great pair of boots. (Yes, I used the word needed instead of wanted deliberately.)

b. said...

I'm googling kitten heels.

I'm so jealous....I want to wear boots.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Very funny! (I'm into dry wit. I had this science teacher in high school who was very dry and very witty and I was regularly rolling on the floor laughing at the dry wittiness of it all which only furthered my reputation as a weirdo since, clearly, Mormons are weird to begin with.) I have black leather knee high boots because my rich(ish) sister gave them to me for Christmas about four years ago. I also love that you don't have to worry about your socks or shaving your legs with the ol' knee high boots. Having this rich(ish) sister as I do, might I add that nobody really resents her richness because she is so darn generous at Christmas (I can also credit my black leather jacket to same said sister.)

karen said...

YAY - you got your boots! I love the sky high ones, but alas, I cannot walk in them for more than 5minutes, as my old bones start pleading for mercy. I'm all about the "walkable" ones. I've never seen high boots with kitten heels, however. If you do, please let me know where they are.

Bebe said...

I just found your blog and realized that we are sooo alike. I just bought the loveliest boots in RED! They make a nice addition to my brown and black boots... And, obviously, I needed them just like you needed your new kitten-heeled ones!

AzĂșcar said...

I looooove boots with kitten heels. I'm always looking for the right boot; you're right, they are always ruining them with an undesirable detail.

AzĂșcar said...

p.s. I also wear them with athletic socks. I love a wedge boot, too.

These have a 2 3/4" heel.

These are all the rage.

You want tall boots? You got tall boots.