Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

Hello All!

I'm still away with my family. I hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving too! I'm having such a good time.

This afternoon Captain Awesome took one of our children out on an excursion. Turns out they ventured into the Black Friday madness and came back with a laptop computer. Which I then designated as a family computer with a homework purpose, much to the child's disappointment. It's really nice, but I didn't really want a laptop in the house to manage. Maybe I'll bolt it to a table somehow.

I'm typing on it now.

I'm getting almost used to this new marital pattern, where either of us spend that much money and doesn't need to tell the other first. In this case, Captain Awesome seems to have found a way around my insistence that Christmas presents look somewhat like they did last year--by putting the new computer into immediate, non-Christmas use.

I thought the laptop was great when he showed up with it, though I'd explained my misgivings earlier. And, I was embarrassed what my bigger family would think, impulse buying a computer. Just the people staying at this house know. So far?

This is the first I've seen most my family since the Nouveau life. Everyone is treating me the same, which is good. Still willing to loan me a spare coat for the kid who forgot to pack one, not expecting me to go buy another one just because I can. And I'm less concerned about do-you-like-my-kids, do-you-like-my-husband. My husband is an incontrovertible success, and he did it his way. And if my kids are in some ways like him, good for them too. I'm so relaxed and enjoying my big family, it makes me see I really was pretty wrapped up in worrying about what they were thinking about us.

But maybe all this healthy perspective is simply because I'm older?

Nah. I think I'm getting this ten years ahead of schedule.


compulsive writer said...

Not caring what other people think is a great place to be, no matter how you got there.

Happy Holidays.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I think you hit the nail on the head. Going from poor and unemployed to a bit less poor and employed really served the same purpose for me. As not shallow as our dear families are, (your and mine) I think there are tensions along those lines that dissolve when things in your life smooth out. THat would be very weird for my husband to routinely make big purchases without checking me (though I have always done that, so I guess it would be fair turnround!) Have a great time with your family!

Anonymous said...

Good plan. Designate the laptop for "homework only" when the kids are around. When they are gone, use it for online shopping and catching up on your favorite blogs. (Okay, that's what I did. Except I told the kids the laptop was mine, but they could occasionally use it for homework.)