Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eat too much, sleep too much,

Too much!

Don't get me wrong--it's totally pleasant that I can now solve problems with money.   But, I still haven't gotten a handle on my schedule.  I used to wake up before the kids, get organized, get myself ready for the day.

Now I roll out of bed to drive one to seminary, drive back and assist everyone else getting off to school.  Then I come home, and without any clear plan, I go to bed.  I take a morning nap.  I have no young children at home anymore, and the sleep is delicious!

Sometimes then I go shopping.  All by myself.  

Obviously, the housework isn't getting done.

The other morning, the pre-seminary teenager looked over at me making lunches and said, "isn't that what you were wearing yesterday?"

"yup.  I just threw it on to drive out to the chapel."

"so you haven't had a shower?"

"uh, nope.  I usually take a shower after I get back from the elementary school."

"so, that means that if you stop and talk to a teacher or anybody, you're talking to them without a shower.  in yesterday's clothes.  That is so GROSS."

"uh, yes, I suppose it is."  I'm looking down at my hands, where I am making HER lunch, wondering why this is happening to me again.  "but I usually don't talk to anyone."  I'm thinking about the fact the shower probably won't happen until noon today.  Looking forward to going back to bed.  

I'll eat at 10.  I'll eat at 4.  I'll eat again at dinner.  Though I'd like to lose weight, lately I've been taking to stuffing myself.  And I do mean stuffing.  At night, I eat until my stomach is in pain.  I wonder if it will burst.  Then about 9 I am so tired, I go to bed before the teenagers.  But when I get in bed, I just start reading.  Because it's probably not that I'm so tired, as much as that I'm so tired of them.  Of being on duty, really.  

I'm addicted to pleasure.  I love eating and sleeping.  Somehow there's always something to do besides working.

And here's my soundtrack:


b. said...

Yup....we could be friends. Except now I had to go and interrupt my eating and sleeping schedule with work. Stupid work.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I never shower before I take the kids to school and I often throw on what I had on the day before because, hey, it's right there, where I tossed it just the night before. Actually, I drive one of them whilst still in pjs. I just hope that I don't get in any kind of accident that would require my emergence from the car where anyone can see me. My husband is an elementary school teacher and he says the moms who actually enter the school in the A.M. (why, I don't know. I boot my tiny first grader out the door of the car and I'm off!) wear sunglasses and hats because they haven't showered yet either. It sounds like you were amazingly disciplined pre-riche days.