Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagged: Seven Random Facts About Me

I've been tagged by Mommy Madness of Stretched to New Limits Everyday! Thank you, Mommy Madness.

This is the first time I've ever been tagged! Money has again gained me entry into genteel society!

1. I'm wearing (on the day I found I was tagged) those new flat Bjorn sandals I blogged about earlier, a brown dress from Layers, over which I pulled a hoodie with an advertising logo on the front. Sometimes the riche lack style.   Though I'm trying to convince myself this is beach-style. Like we don't wear to church. Are you convinced?

2. Captain Awesome wants me to hire someone to clean so I'll have more free time for myself and the creative projects which I like do. Free time for myself so I'll be cheerful, creative so he can enjoy a boast. I don't scrapbook

but 3. I do have creative abilities I have actually been paid for in the years B.C. (before children.) Awesome wants back the woman he married, now that he can afford to be her patron.

Dream come true, right?

BUT, I haven't yet hired anyone, though Awesome brought this up months ago. I'm nervous about having to hire or possibly fire someone, and I'm afraid I'll lose my tenuous grip on reality if someone else cleans my bathroom.

4. Captain Awesome doesn't want you to figure out who I am, since in all my blogging candor I am about as lovable as the Heinz heiress. He loves me anyway, but we don't expect you to. Therefore, I am nervous to reveal ANY random facts about myself. In fact, Captain Awesome suggested I not comment on your blog until I learn how to mask my IP address. That was an educational conversation.

5. I do not have, and have never had, a diamond ring. Until recently I took this as a sign of my personal lack of materialism, and my laudable political sensitivity for my brothers and sisters in Africa. Now we know it was all merely lack of opportunity. Which we should have figured out from the monthly gazing into the Costco diamond display.

6. I would never, never, really wear the hoodie with the advertising logo on the front to church on Sunday. Though the hoodie is so very comfortable, especially if I accidently sit in the back row with the cool ladies in Relief Society, where the air conditioning is in overdrive. I used to blame that cold air on men in jackets, but now I believe we're just doing our best to alleviate the suffering associated with menopause. Or global warming.

7. Apparently, I would wear to church a diamond ring. Or a brown dress from Layers, with a ketchup stain on the sleeve, that could be covered by an advertising hoodie. I've done at least one of those things before. After all, church is for sinners too.

And now I will tag:

Heidi Ashworth of Dunhaven Place, who's first novel just was published.

Amy of I Wish I Was in Dixie who's been offline lately, but I've been following her move to the new house. Hey Amy, do you have internet yet?

b. of i gotta b. and Good Mommy/Bad Mommy, who is wiser and kinder than me.

Thanks again, Mommy Madness, and sorry for my months-long delay in taking up this invitation. I was going to quit blogging, and then blogger suspended my address as a possible spam site. So your tag really came when I was feeling quite low, and I thank you for it. You were like my super-tuned-in blogging VT.


b. said...

kinder AND wiser? Seriously?

Ugh on #4. I mean it.

As soon as I get my groove (original and random thought)back and some sleep...I'm all over it!

Shelah said...

Does being nouveau-riche mean that you start channelling Mrs. Dalloway? I mean that with the greatest respect and admiration. If so, I hope that I get inspired by the same muse in a few months when I get to join the new money party.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I understand why you didn't want to write actual real things about you but I bet you could have come up with some really funny fake ones. Okay, here is the big question--do you want to get popular or would it freak you out? Because I was going to do a shout out for your blog but I just wasn't sure . . .but certainly I will be linking up to you now what with the tag and all. Just did one today. Tagged twice in two days--the only times, too, after 7 months of blogging. When it rains, it pours, I guess. (And I have a blog award to pass out but the guidelines are so darn strict I don't even know where to start)

AzĂșcar said...

Hiring a cleaning lady team was one of the highlights of the year for me. Of course, I haven't had them back (I'm saving them for the day before my mother in law blows into town in December) but I'd have them again in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

Heidi Ashworth said...

Holy cow! I didn't mean to say/imply that you would become popular by virtue of me giving you a shout out. Yikes! My brain . . .I just wasn't sure if you wanted attention drawn to your blog, but of course you do, why would you be blogging if not? BTW, if you hire Merry Maids or one of those other organizations, it's not a personal thing when you fire them, should you need to. S'no big deal. Go for it!

Heidi Ashworth said...

And thanks for the plug for Miss D. (look at me, I can't stay away from here!)

Becka Babe said...

That was awesome!
Thanks for speaking on my blog, I LOVE comments! And we always do the Ramona Quimby saying as well, I love how that saying is a long running tradition.
BTW every time I look at a big house my hubby says if we could afford to live there, we could afford a maid to clean it.
Go w/ the merry maids!:)