Sunday, January 4, 2009

And a Happy New Life

Best Wishes to you in 2009.

I just got off the phone, having been arguing with Captain Awesome about money. Arguing about money on the phone is stupid, except that with Awesome's travel schedule such discussions can't always wait. And, the phone at least keeps the discussion short and gives both parties a chance to cool off afterwards.

Except this time, unlike last year, we are disagreeing about how we give the money away. For good causes and all that. The return of arguing is probably the last piece of life being normal again.

Life seems very normal, in fact. The money is still there, easing the edges of things, but it no longer seems magical. Perhaps it's sad, that it takes more than a fully-working stove to amaze me now.

It could seem hard, even ungrateful, to argue about money when there is so sufficient. And to argue with the man who brought the money home. But I have some sense of entitlement growing, which is probably a good thing, if I am to do my job rearing the children or managing the house. One of my older kids found this blog a few months back--I wasn't too happy about that--and Kid observed that in the blog I seem very dependent upon Captain Awesome. Which gave me pause.

Over the holidays I got to see some of my old friends have have long discussions with them. I am back to thinking about going to school, to eventually get some kind of job. Though I don't know where that would lead or how it would fit into my life as a mormon mom of many kids. And like most other moms, there are things that concern me about some of my kids (not all at once, at least!)

I've got a kid at my elbow now, whining about why I'm at the computer when I should be reading a story.

My story isn't so much about money anymore. So, I am done blogging. I think I'm going to try keeping a journal instead.

Thanks for your good friendship on the journey.