Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes I did

I paid a team of people, not to dust and mop my house, but to sort and organize it. I worked alongside the team, that basically put my house through a 40+hour workweek of adult female sorting and decluttering in one day.

Yes, I know. Extravagant, extravagant proof that I am crazy. otoh, what could be a lovelier fantasy dream come true. Done. Overnight. Cleaning a house is a snap with no clutter. The kids' rooms are all neat--much easier for me to enforce the pick-up-your-stuff rules. Much nicer now that everyone has a dedicated spot for homework.

I still have some bags of papers to sort through, and we didn't hit the garage. Flylady would tell us this will never work--much better to establish routines and all this would melt off anyway.

Captain Awesome thinks I should also spring for a team to do the full-house spring clean--dust, mop, clean the windows, etc. Then I'll just deck the spotless halls.

I think this benefit may have bested the new bike rack.


AzĂșcar said...

The full house deep clean I paid for several months ago was one of the highlights of my entire life--and I am not kidding,

fly-lady dropout said...

I see only extravagant proof that you are smart. Good for you!

b. said...

This is one of the FIRST THINGS I would do---if ever my ship comes in.

Smart lady!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Yay! So glad you did it! That's what money's for!

Emily M. said...

You go girl!! What a great way to begin December.

Melissa said...

Awesome! I would love to start my own business of cleaning/organizing other people's houses because I LOVE throwing stuff away and dh doesn't like me doing that with our stuff.

Happy for you!

Nouveau Me said...

I am honestly surprised by all your encouragement--oh how I underestimate you.

I do think, if I also have cleaners come, I might feel like decorating for Christmas. I'm doing that thing again where I wish Christmas wouldn't come, because life is enough all by itself.

I am way afraid, because although I can afford it, it is still so much stinkin' money. So, if the whole house slides back into oblivion very shortly, it will be double condemning.

It is nice. I'm getting a lot done, on my things to-do-list, since it's so much easier to get the normal things done in the middle of all this space and light. I didn't think it was that cluttered, but it feels really different in this room, or in any room. Like my backpack is missing.

Shelah said...

That sounds like heaven!

smart mama said...

I am covetous!