Friday, December 12, 2008

I spawn my own legal entity

You are probably all responsible, upstanding citizens. I, however, and new at this, and am only trying because, since I'm rich-rich-rich I have no excuse not to be.

With that in mind, today I signed my will. So did Captain Awesome. Up to this point, guardianship of our kids rested on a handwritten letter, and a well known understanding that one of my siblings has been rooked into agreeing to raise them if we died. I know everyone should have a will, but while my net worth was in the negatives, I just didn't get around to it.

And today, more interestingly, we are signed a trust. So at least there can be some money to raise my little monsters if Awesome and I aren't there to do it.

I think the last time I heard of a trust it was in a Lily Tomlin movie where she's so rich she puts her spirit into another body instead of dying. So rich, her kleenex box was filled with monogrammed cambric hankies.

I do think about getting monogrammed cambric hankies.

Anyway, all my stuff is now owned by this legal entity, which I have control of with Captain Awesome. We signed many signature pages, our attorney witnessed it.


b. said...

If being a responsible and upstanding citizen means I've created, signed, and made legal a will?
I'm wilder than a gnat's....

Heidi Ashworth said...

Love that movie! Ummm, we have a trust, too. It's because of the Big Guy. I think it's the way to go, anyway, though. But what do I know?

American Muslima Writer said...

I've brought up will writing with Hubbs many times but we never get it. It's so sad tho i know nessisary. Was it expensive? Give us the nitty gritty of how tough it was to do this. Did you have to assign all your belongings in the will or just generics? Details in Part 2 plz! :)

Nouveau Me said...

b., does this mean you haven't been to ten thousand enrichment activities where they tell us how important it is to have a will and know where the financial papers are? Ay, the accumulated guilt I've had about my lack of will!

Heidi, I love that you've seen my movies. I'm impressed by all your plan-ahead for Big Guy, though you might figure it was thrust upon you.

AMW, you are right. It's practically bait-and-switch that I said nothing of the will nitty-gritty. That said, it was surprisingly easy, because Bob my money guy found me the trust attorney (not named Bob!) who did all the work. I just had to answer questions like what are my children's middle names, and who do I want to pull the plug on me if I'm vegetative. The cost is like college tuition. Yes, I assigned all my belongings to the trust, I have a "pour-over" will so anything I forgot to put in the trust will go in if necessary.