Sunday, October 19, 2008

I wasn't drinking coffee

My girlfriend was in town for the weekend, and invited me to join her in the city for brunch. Captain Awesome encouraged me to do it, though I would miss church.

I didn't know how traffic would go--it turns out there can be very little traffic on a Sunday morning. Also, I left early, once everyone else left for church. So I arrived a whole hour early. There is an Anthropologie store nearby. I knew it would be there, right by where I would park.

I decided to go see what was there.

I have a few friends who decorate and dress very stylishly, in fact in the very Anthropologie style, without ever shopping there, and possibly without ever going in. I'm not like that, and I'm fascinated by this store. My decorating gene is broken, and I'm a perpetual "before" of what not to wear. I used to wonder, if I could just go in the store and buy everything the way they have it, if it would still be cute when I took it home. I haven't tried it, but since I've been able to, I've suspected it would not.

I ended up trying on a couple things, which is more than looking. And then, when it was obvious I would look better in the elegant sweater than the t-shirt I was wearing, I decided to buy it. And the other sweater. And a handbag.

I started chatting to the gal who rung up my sale. She has the same number of children as me. She works there full time. I used to work in retail, so I was asking if she got the "good" schedule, working the shift that starts in the morning. Retail jobs are hard to work around a life. She has to close once a week, so that night she's not home with her kids.

Of course, by shopping there today, I am contributing to the fact she doesn't have Sunday home with her kids.

When I connected up with my girlfriend, she didn't have time to stay for a full lunch. We grabbed coffee instead, so she could catch an earlier flight home. Of course, "grabbed coffee" means I had hot chocolate, while she had coffee. I was wearing my Sabbath-breaking sweater, and my shopping bag was parked by the chair.

There are times, when it's clear, I'm doing it all wrong.


just another groupie said...

I might break commandments to own something from Anthropologie (I almost got thrown out of there once because it was apparent I wouldn't be buying anything). And I don't think I could say that about any other store except maybe...nope. No other store.

Nouveau Me said...

ohmy, Just Another: I am laughing so loud that Captain Awesome came in to ask what was up!

"...nope, No other store!" you're great!

they've always been very nice to me, when I came in to try things on from the sale rack once or twice a year--like that was affordable, which it was not--

Anthropologie, how do they do it?

Natalie Hatch said...

We don't have that store over here, my 'maybe I might be tempted to break the sabbath' store is Country Road, if only my butt could fit into their sizes I'd be a happy lady.

smart mama said...

I brought my husband into anthropologie a few years back when we were out for lunch- His eyes rolled back in his head when he flipped a tag over and begged, "Couldn't you sew that yourself?"