Saturday, August 23, 2008

What I know about wealthy mormons

Wealthy mormons give away money.

Wealthy mormons host ward events at their large houses.

Wealthy mormons are frugal. Think of Mitt Romney bringing his own popcorn to the movie theater. Think of the wealthy family in the ward where I grew up. Their house was mind-boggling. Double curved stair, like in Gone With the Wind. Big pool in the backyard, surrounded by gardens. Let everyone in the stake hold their wedding receptions in the backyard. And gave great advice, like where to buy shiny shoes cheaply, rather than renting them with the tux.

Wealthy Mormons are led by the Holy Ghost. One particular wealthy family had one of the two extant original sunstones from the Nauvoo Temple in their backyard. As garden sculpture. At one point, Brother Wealthy sold it, knew he should, though he wanted to keep it longer. Shortly after we had one of our big earthquakes, and that stone would have been cracked where it stood.

Wealthy mormons are gracious, socially appropriate (Mormons are always socially appropriate, right?), and not showy.


I, on the other hand, like to speak up. I'm kind of tacky because I like to wear what I want and do what I want. I never arrive anywhere on time, and I'm more truthful than helpful.

My faith is the same, which is to say, I'm drifting a bit.

I'm pretty much delighted to throw off being frugal. Today I took my son and his friend and his friend's mom to the most expensive ice-cream shop in town, that I know of. Because it was there, near where we needed to be. Because it was fun. I bought bison last week and cooked it into our tacos. Grapefruit in a plastic container, that someone else had peeled and sectioned.

As far as traditional entertaining goes, thank heaven someone else will have a bigger house. I'll never be able to break my husband's habit of inviting over 30 people without telling me, and telling them to bring the food.

I've been amazed how it is so much harder to give away money now than it was before I had it. All the money now, has plans. I want my house. And my retirement. And my children's college. And, a large heart-shaped diamond ring. Too bad I don't have a big bosom to go with that last one.

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